Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Pupils are required to carry an APPOINTMENT CARD issued to them while taking instruction. All pupils must be legally entitled to drive in the UK and be in possession of a current, valid UK Driving Licence (provisional or full) which must be presented to the instructor appointed by the school prior to your first driving lesson. The school accepts no liability whatsoever for cash paid to or cheques made payable to the instructor. All cheques therefore MUST be made payable to EASY 2 PASS. This appointment IS NOT a receipt of any monies paid to an instructor. Please note, if a pupil pays for a block of lessons and then the pupil does not wish to complete the block, the pupil will be charged at the hourly rate for the tuition already received.

Abusive, offensive or any other such conduct will not be tolerated by the school or any of our driving instructors and therefore the instructor and the school have the right to refuse to teach that pupil.

In the event of adverse weather, it will be down to the individual instructor to decide as to if your lesson will go ahead. This is not a decision that will be made by the driving school nor is it a reflection of a pupil’s driving ability.

All Easy 2 Pass driving instructors are self employed, as such the contract for driving tuition and any monies paid directly to the instructor are between yourself and the instructor. Easy 2 Pass driving school accepts no responsibility for monies paid to an instructor. If you pay your instructor directly you should obtain a receipt. All matters regarding booking a driving lesson is to be agreed between yourself and the instructor i.e times, dates and location.

Any loss of test fee’s for late arrival are non refundable by Easy 2 Pass, our instructors or the D.V.S.A.


Tuition fees include pupil’s legal liability for Third Party and Public Liability claims whilst driving the instructors car, provided that each pupil shall be duly licensed to drive and accompanied by a qualified instructor. If a pupil has any motor/convictions or disabilities then you must advise the school prior to any driving lessons with us as this may affect you taking your test and you may then be unable to recover your fee.

While every care is exercised to ensure that pupils will receive tuition at the time and in the cars booked to them, all appointments are made on the understanding that the School accepts no responsibility for the delay or postponement of lessons due to mechanical breakdown of cars, traffic delays or any other cause and if the pupil cannot be accommodated in another car, a fresh appointment will be made as early as possible, neither can it be responsible for Driving Test appointments postponed by the D.V.S.A.

Times arranged for tuition must be strictly adhered to. Where pupils are unable to keep their appointments, 48 hours notice of cancellation is required, otherwise lessons must still be paid for.

The instructor appointed by the school has no authority to act on the School’s behalf except for the purpose of providing tuition in the instructor’s car, and except for this the School is to be in no way responsible for his acts or omissions. Tuition can be given in a pupil’s own car only by special arrangement.


The school reserves the right to withhold the use of a School car for the Government Test if in the instructor’s opinion the pupil is not up to the standard required. This regulation is designed to save the pupil the expense and delay involved by failure. The school cannot be held responsible for cancellation of a test due to unforeseen circumstances.

The School accepts no liability whatsoever for jewellery, cash, articles of clothing or other property belonging to pupils that may be deposited in the instructors cars or left at the instructor’s premises or placed in the custody of the School’s employees or representatives.

It is our aim to give you complete satisfaction in every way possible during your course of tuition with the School.