Driving Test Information


It is no longer a requirement to wear a face covering to take your theory test in England and Wales, it is now up to you if you choose to wear one or not. This now applies to test centre staff as well so you may find some will wear a mask and other’s choosing not too. Should you wear a mask into the building, you will be asked to remove it briefly for the test centre staff to confirm you I.D. Some centres may still have protective screen’s in place. There should be hand sanitiser available for you to use and we would strongly advise you to use this both before and after you finish your theory test or alternatively, wash your hands before leaving the building.

You will need to take your photo card provisional licence with you to the theory test, failure to do so will result in your test being cancelled and you LOSING YOUR TEST FEE! (If you have the old style paper licence you will need to take a valid passport with you as photgraphic proof it’s you)

Personal belongings (bags/earphones/mobile phones/watches etc) will have to be stored in a locker prior to entering the test room.

Any cheating on your theory test can result in a prison sentence and being banned from driving



It is no longer a requirement to wear a face covering to take your practical test in England and Wales, it is now up to you if you choose to wear one or not. This also applies to Driving Examiners so you may find some will wear a covering and some will choose not too.

Should you need to cancel your driving test for Any reason, you must now give ten working days notice otherwise you may lose your fee.

When you arrive at the test centre, you and your instructor will be able to wait in the waiting room provided (Some test centres share waiting rooms with other businesses and therefore are not always open for the first or last test of the day.

There are five main parts to the UK driving test:

  • an eyesight test
  • show me/tell me vehicle safety questions
  • general driving ability
  • reversing your vehicle
  • independent driving

The examiner will call your name, check your licence and check your details with you. They will then proceed to the car park to do an eyesight test and then you go to the car to do your first show/tell question. The test has now gone back to how it was pre lockdown, it will last 38-40 mins (70 minutes if it’s an extended test) unless in the examiners view, your driving is a danger to other road users, he may then guide you back early or in some cases stop the test with immediate effect. You will do a section of independant driving, your second show/tell question and you will be asked to carry out a reverse manoeuvre. During the test the examiner will ask you to pull over and move off again numerous times, from behind a parked car, on a gradient (normally uphill) and just at the side of the road. You will drive on various types of roads but NOT a motorway. There is the possibility the driving examiners supervisor may come on the test with you although this is not very common.

Once back at the test centre the examiner will tell you the result of your test plus any feedback they think will be useful for you to know.



Some of our instructors, although not fluent, have taught in other languages like French and Turkish.

Speaking a different language should not stop you learning to drive!

A little about us…

  • Male/Female Instructors
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  • All Instructors CRB Checked
  • Fantastic Pass rate!
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