Covid-19 Policy & Guidance 

Due to the current climate and conditions with corona virus (Covid-19), Easy 2 Pass have introduced a new Covid-19 policy with immediate effect. This policy is to be adhered to by our driving instructors and by you, the pupil, thus creating a safe and hygienic working environment which minimises the risk of infection and helps prevent the spread of the Covid-19 disease. The one BIG issue all driving instructors have is that we cannot social distance whilst in the car with you. We fail to even give a 1 metre gap and in some cases, pupils and instructors can accidently touch. This is one of the main reason’s driving instructors have not been working. Having looked at all UK Government guidelines and following guidance from various associations from within our industry, we have put together this policy.

If prior to your lesson, even on the day you feel unwell with Covid-19 symptoms, YOU MUST TELL YOUR INSTRUCTOR IMMEDIATELY. Symptoms include: Temperature / Cough / Breathing Difficulties. If you have recently been with someone who has the virus, again YOU MUST TELL YOUR INSTRUCTOR IMMEDIATELY. Your instructor may ring or text prior to your lesson to ask if you are feeling ok and if you have recently come into contact with anyone who has the virus. You MUST be honest with your answer. If you advise your instructor, even on the day, as long as they have not arrived at your place of pick up, then you wont be charged. If your instructor arrives to pick you up and you then tell them, you will be charged for one hour’s lesson.

If you are considered a high risk for Covid-19 (Heart condition, Diabetic, Pregnant, Severe Asthma, Weak immune system) you are over 70 years old or you have any long term health issue of any kind, we must strongly advise you to NOT book any driving lessons for the foreseeable future. If you choose to go against this advice and want to continue to have driving lessons, this would be completely at your own risk and you accept full responsibility for making that decision.

Due to the Covid-19 virus, it is with regret that we are, until government restrictions are lifted, not allowing a third party in the vehicle during a driving lesson. This is for both you and the instructors safety. Additionally your driving instructor is not permitted to sit in the vehicle with you on your driving test until further notice from the D.V.S.A.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do, wash your hands before your lesson and then when you come out to the vehicle, sanitise your hands. You should bring your own sanitiser with you to do this however if you don’t have any, your instructor will have some in the car. (Any allergies to chemicals, check the sanitiser bottle))
  • Don’t shake hands with your instructor or touch your instructor. Before entering the vehicle try to keep at least 2 metres away from your instructor when he is talking to you.
  • Do bring a face mask to wear. You should wear it at all times during the lesson (we are aware of  ‘steaming up’ issue’s with people who wear glasses and a mask). If your mask is washable, make sure its clean for the next lesson, if its disposable, make sure you wear a new mask each lesson and then after the lesson, throw it away immediately.*
  • Don’t touch any training aids used by an instructor unless cleaned in front of you.
  • Do bring any PPE that you wish to wear: Disposable gloves / clothing. Should you wear gloves, put them on before entering the vehicle and then make sure you throw them away immediately after your lesson.  If you have no specific PPE clothing, it is advisable due to the close proximity in the car, that you wear long sleeve clothing for your driving lesson and cover your legs. It’s advisable to put your clothes into the wash after your lesson.
  • Don’t do your lesson if you have Covid-19 symptoms or you have been with someone who has the virus. Follow the appropriate Government guidelines on Isolation.
  • Do make sure there is adequate ventilation in the vehicle by opening windows. Car air vents must be set so that the air IS NOT recirculating in the car. **
  • Don’t cough and or sneeze directly onto your hands!
  • Do try to cough and or sneeze into you arm. Should you need to pull over then advise your instructor. Disposable tissues should be used. Please bring these with you.
  • Don’t share a pen, bring your own to write your next appointment time and date down.

* Please note, if you arrive at the car with no face mask you will be sent back to obtain one to wear. If its not clean or you cannot find one to wear your instructor can refuse to conduct the lesson and you will be charged for the full lesson price. Driving examiners are aware that if you wear glasses whilst wearing a face mask, this can cause issue’s. Discuss this with the examiner prior to your test.

** In the current climate you should keep windows open on test to ventilate the car properly. If you would prefer air con on you can ask the examiner if they mind however they will probably prefer the windows open.

Driving Instructors

Before starting work everyday, and after every lesson, your driving instructor will be cleaning the car. They will be using anti bacterial wipes and or disinfectant and disposable cloths. Should you have any allergies for chemicals possibly contained in these products please check with your instructor before entering their vehicle. They should also clean their hands after cleaning the car and before each lesson. This is the list of items that will be cleaned in their vehicle:

  • Exterior door handle
  • Interior door handle
  • Steering Wheel & horn
  • Indicator stalk
  • Window wiper stalk (if applicable) and all other stalks
  • Gear lever
  • Parking brake
  • Heater controls
  • Hazard warning light button
  • All seat adjusters (Inc. head restraint)
  • Buckle and tongue on the seat belt
  • Light controls
  • Window controls
  • Mirrors
  • Keys

They will have a bag in the car for rubbish and at the end of the day that bag is to be disposed of. If they use a container of any kind for rubbish, the container is to be emptied daily and cleaned.

When attending a driving test, the instructor will additionally clean the passenger side of the car:

  • Exterior door handle
  • Interior door handle
  • All seat adjustments (Inc. head restraint)
  • Buckle and tongue on the seat belt

IMPORTANT!! Should you wish to use your own vehicle for lessons and or a test, its YOUR responsibility to clean the inside of your car as above, cleaning the passenger side as well before the instructor or examiner gets in your vehicle.

Driving Tests

At the time of writing, there are a few slight changes to how your test may be conducted. The examiner will wear some PPE (gloves,mask) they will require you to respect social distancing and stay 2 metres away from them. You will be asked to sign a paper for them to check your signature and they will read out and ask if you agree with the insurance and residency declaration. You must take the paper you sign with you on test. As stated previously, instructors will not be allowed to accompany a pupil on test until further notice. The test will be conducted as usual however should you commit a serious/dangerous fault or too many driver faults thus resulting in a fail, the examiner may guide you back to the test centre early and tell you the result. This is purely to minimise both yours and the examiners risk to exposure to catching Covid-19. At the end of the test an instructor may not be able to listen to the debrief due to social distancing rules.

Disclaimer Notice

Please understand all these measures are in place to protect both you and your driving instructor. If your instructor is feeling unwell and or has come into close proximity with someone who has the virus, your driving instructor may well have to isolate and follow the government guidelines too. Please be understanding about this should they only tell you on the day of your lesson. As we are not charging you should you advise your instructor if you have Covid-19 symptoms or have come into contact with someone that has, your instructor, equally, does not have to give you any form of compensation for cancelling on the day of your lesson.

This policy and guidance is produced in line with UK Government guidelines on Covid-19. It has been created to outline our operating guidance in order to help prevent spreading the Covid-19 virus during your driving lessons and whilst out on driving tests. By agreeing to undertake driving lessons with Easy 2 Pass, you understand the following:

  • You understand that a driving instructor can only REDUCE the risk of catching the Covid-19 virus during a driving lesson and not 100% prevent it.
  • You understand that even with all these new safety measures, there is still an element of risk that you may contract the virus during a driving lesson.
  • You understand the importance of cleaning your hands BEFORE your lesson and that you agree to do this prior to every lesson until further notice.
  • You understand you have to supply your own face mask and any other PPE.
  • You understand you must advise your instructor prior to your lesson if you have Covid-19 symptons or have come into contact with someone who has the virus.
  • You understand to wear suitable clothing as windows will probably be open to keep the car ventilated.


By continuing to book and have driving lessons you are agreeing to this policy and that you have read and are fully aware of all the above guidance and information.

Easy 2 Pass have notified all our instructors of this policy and of the guidelines they should follow. As all our driving instructors are self employed, Easy 2 Pass cannot be held responsible should an instructor fail to follow the guidelines. Neither Easy 2 Pass or our driving instructors can be held responsible or blamed in anyway should a pupil catch the Covid-19 virus.

Updated 4/6/2020




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